Chili Pepper Jam Recipe

Some years ago I went to spend the summer in the countryside. I was delighted by the amount of fruit and vegetables around me. Over the years, I will carry the memories of that experience. Therefore, surrounded by all these good things, and fascinated by the intensity of aromas and flavors, I decided to prepare jams, just to prolong the pleasure and take away with me not just memories.

I love jams with the addition of spices that still does not found frequently. The first one I prepared was a success. It was the one with red bell peppers and chili peppers that grew in the field next to home. Of course, they were devil’s stuff, you didn't breathe the air from how strong they were. So it is right to refer to the indicated dosages, but with regard to the chili pepper, this recipe offers you a version with a fairly delicate type and therefore I leave it to you to manage the chili type. Another important thing is to use gloves in treating chilies.

Here is the recipe.
1 kg of ripe red bell peppers
200 gr of chili peppers
500 gr of sugar
100 ml red wine
Pinch of the salt
Wash both red bell peppers and chili peppers, remove the stem, seeds, and white filaments inside. Cut everything into small pieces.

Put everything in a saucepan, stir and cook over medium heat with the lid closed and stirring occasionally. It will take about forty minutes to complete cooking.

In the meantime, sterilize your jars and lids. It is usually done by immersing them in boiling water for 5 minutes, then extracting with tongs and resting upside down on a perfectly clean cloth. Also, put the iron ladle (narrow one) that you will use to pour the jam.

As soon as the jam is ready, pour it into the jars, making sure that the edges are perfectly clean so as not to compromise the vacuum. Close the jar, place it upside down, and let it cool.

Store in a cool place away from the source of heat and light. Optimal sterilization of the jars is essential for food hygiene.

Chilli and bell pepper jam goes well with fresh cheeses such as ricotta or with semi-seasoned young pecorino (sheep) cheeses.

Chili jam

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