Lardo di Colonnata IGP

Lardo di Colonnata IGP (protected geographical indication) is a very precious salumi with a, whose name derives from the homonymous village located on the rugged slopes of the Apuan Alps, in the municipality of Carrara. Produced with pork lard, it is aged in basins of precious Carrara marble, where it acquires all its exclusive goodness for the action of the time and for the precious salting to which it is subjected.
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10 useful cooking tips


To serve your dishes at the perfect temperature, use the classic oven or microwave oven. Heat the oven until it reaches 50 degrees, turn it off and, while you cook, put the dishes you are going to use inside. A very convenient alternative is the microwave oven. Just put the dishes in it to heat for a minute or two before serving but making sure they don't have golden designs. Also applies to a cup of coffee. It sounds trivial, but once you start using this rule, you won't be able to do without it. How long does even a simple fried egg take on a plate at room temperature to cool? Not even the time to place it on the table.

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Italia a tavola – “Personality of the year 2019”

When we talk about the passion for food and wine excellences we often risk falling into empty rhetoric, letting ourselves be lost in a river of phrases and stale sentences. There is no space today that has not been conquered by duels at the stove or intergalactic challenges between chefs, sometimes only self-styled. In this panorama overloaded with gastronomic "solicitations", this year too stands out for its importance and for its continuation the prize, now in its 12th edition, "Italia a Tavola - personality of the year of food and wine and hospitality".
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The world is increasingly bio

Both organic and biodynamic farming take place without the use of chemicals, and with a great importance to the soil health, trying to increase its vitality through plants, herbs and minerals, which give and take away substances.
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Tradition with innovation to experience the magic of Christmas

More than calling it Christmas atmosphere, we would call it magic. Everything is colored with joy, kindness, warmth, expectations and positivity. With nostalgia and even a little joy we are ready to greet the year that is about to end and welcome what is to come, full of new projects and hopes. But now let's enjoy the poetry of this charming fragment and how we can not talk about the cousine. We love our tuscan traditional cuisine, to which our passion is strongly rooted, but we would like to offer some innovative touches.
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