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Fagioli all'Uccelletto Tuscan beans

Fagioli all'Uccelletto Tuscan bean is one of the classics of the Florentine traditional dishes, which reveals a masterful combination of flavours in its simplicity. However, the origin of the definition "all'uccelletto" (uccello=bird) remains a mystery: the most likely hypothesis is that it refers to the presence of sage, a mandatory ingredient for cooking birds. 


The Finocchiona symbol of Tuscan food tradition

The history of the Finocchiona is long and boasts an ancient tradition and enrich the table of all Italians and not just Tuscans. Its flavour is wild with a fresh taste of fennel and very soft on the palate.

Pasta Fabbri. Would you like to know another Tuscan excellence? Get on board!

In the Pastificio Artigiano Fabbri, for five generations, the old criteria for processing pasta have been respected in every phase, using the best ingredients and semolina from carefully selected grains, ground by trusted mills, and in every production process, using low temperatures. 

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