Lardo di Colonnata IGP

Lardo di Colonnata IGP (protected geographical indication) is a very precious salumi with a, whose name derives from the homonymous village located on the rugged slopes of the Apuan Alps, in the municipality of Carrara. Produced with pork lard, it is aged in basins of precious Carrara marble, where it acquires all its exclusive goodness for the action of the time and for the precious salting to which it is subjected.

The basins, previously rubbed with garlic, are preserved in rooms with controlled temperature and humidity, so that the finished product takes on unique characteristics. In the same basins, carved in marble and always used by the marble quarrymen for food preservation, the layers of pork lard covered with salting are laid. The salting process depends on the producers but, in addition to sea salt, fresh minced garlic, rosemary, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ground black pepper and star anise cannot be missing. The full tank up to the top is covered and, after careful periodic checks, it is reopened after a period ranging from six to ten months later and in any case when the seasoning is completed.

Lardo di Colonnata has a moist appearance, white in color tending to pink with a homogeneous and soft consistency. Its flavour is delicate and fresh, almost sweet, enriched with aromatic herbs and spices used in the salting process.

In the past the Lardo di Colonnata was considered a poor dish and for the marble quarrymen of the Apuan Alps it was the ever-present food for its great reserve of energy. Today his fame of great quality salami has crossed the world and its ideal use is natural, cut into thin slices, being able to be enjoyed as a dish on its own or even in unusual combinations, for example with shellfish. The best pairing with wine is undoubtedly with sparkling one, preferably with method champenoise, structured and complex.

Several years ago we discovered the delicacies of the Bottega Di Adò which has long played a leading role in the production of Lardo. More than once we visited Bottega D Adò and, among other things, we discovered that the salting of the lard is made with coarse and medium sea salt, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, sage, strictly local garlic and the secret ingredient that ... remains secret. We made several attempts to find out but Maestro Adò was adamant. In the meantime, let us console ourselves by enjoying his gastronomic masterpiece.

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