The Cialde di Montecatini from the Desideri family

When we talk about Montecatini Terme, the first thought go to its thermal baths, to its very long tradition of hospitality that for over a century has made it known all over the world and since the years of the belle époque take on a role of absolute importance among the spa towns of the old continent.

Perhaps the enamel of those roaring years has faded but still today Montecatini Terme offers those who visit it the serenity and pleasure that our Tuscan land has always had in its DNA.
The spa town par excellence links its name to a confectionery specialty that celebrates its first century of life in this decade: "Le Cialde di Montecatini".

The story goes that the Cialde were created for the first time in the 1920s by Czechoslovakian Jewish pastry chefs whose name, however, is not passed down due to a true unfairness of history.

The Bagni di Montecatini, which became Montecatini Terme on October 28, 1928, was a bright and welcoming town frequented by good society, who came to its hotels and wonderful spas to enjoy the "treatments" with its beneficial waters and elegant atmosphere. The "Le Cialde di Montecatini" with their sweetness immediately gained success.

At the end of the twenties and in the following decade, living in our country for a Jewish family, for known reasons, had become increasingly difficult and the creators of the Cialde in 1936 left Montecatini Teme and Italy, giving up their thriving business.

Subsequently, a local businessman Orlando Bargilli, took over the pastry shop, inheriting in this way also the original recipe of the Montecatini waffles, modified over time to become the one we know today.

The "Cialde di Montecatini" are fragrant typical Tuscan specialties based on flour, milk, eggs, sugar, and almonds. The recipe has an ancient history and comes from afar. Flour, milk, and eggs give life to the wafer similar sheets, very thin and fragrant, finely stamped with one of the symbols of the city, and filled with sugar grains, almonds, and vanilla.

In the same years, other enlightened entrepreneurs, already known for the pastry specialties that still delight our palates today, began to produce our Cialde and among these the Desideri Family played a very important role.

Desideri Family produces traditional Tuscan pastry since the early 1900s. Their story begins with the skillful and meticulous work of the great-grandfather Stefano Desideri who sold his delicious pastry specialties as a peddler in the hundred fairs of the Tuscan villages.

The “Brigidini of Lamporecchio”, other Tuscan pastry specialties from Lamporecchio, the birthplace of the Desideri family, obtained the Gold Medal at the Milan Trade Fair in 1911.

A few years later with a lot of passion and a pinch of ambition, Desideri opened the first shop in Montecatini Terme. It was the first big challenge that the Desideri won with enthusiasm: to establish itself in a prestigious spa town, a tourist destination for many personalities from politics, cinema, and entertainment.

With the arrival in Montecatini Terme, the production of these specialties began and with the passing of the years and generations, the business became bigger and bigger and saw the commitment of the whole family.

Expert pastry chefs and engineers created a new production system which, with the necessary safety changes, still active today for the production of Brigidini di Lamporecchio, Cialde di Montecatini and Cantucci di Prato under the management of their grandchildren Giacomo and Luca who have inherited from his father Stefano all the secrets of the pastry traditions of Montecatini and Lamporecchio.

Few and genuine ingredients: free-range chicken eggs, Italian flour, and sugar, top quality almonds. Where possible, all raw materials come from zero-kilometer farms out of a clear desire to identify with their territory and its peculiarities.

All products of the Desideri family stand out for the genuineness of the ingredients, for the total absence of dyes and preservatives, for the craftsmanship of the processing, all characteristics that make this renowned family-run company excellence of our Tuscan land.

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