Cialde di Montecatini Tris Vintage Collection Tin x 20pc each one

Famiglia Desideri
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The “Cialde di Montecatini” are fragrant typical Tuscan biscuits from the homonymous city: Montecatini Terme. Produced following the traditional recipe based on flour, milk, eggs, sugar, and almonds.
The recipe has an ancient history and comes from afar. Flour, milk, and eggs give life to the sheets, very thin and fragrant, finely stamped with one of the symbols of the city, and filled with sugar grains, almonds, and vanilla. 
Ideal as a dessert, perfect as a snack, so rich in substances thanks to almonds and their properties. They are the marvelous accompaniment to tea and coffee. They go perfectly with ice cream.
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  • Buone le mandorle. Delusa dalle cialde per niente friabili. Pensavo di regalarle per Natale,peccato!
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44% almonds, wheat flour, sugar, whole milk, fresh eggs, natural vanilla flavor. May contain traces of other nuts and soy.

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