Cinta Senese DOP

€ 69,70
Box created for your gastronomic experience with the excellence of Tuscan delights. 

"Cinta Senese DOP". The meat of this pork which is called "di cinta" (cinta = belt) owes its name to the white fur belt on the back that surrounds its body, which is dark for the remaining part. Already in 1300, it is present in Tuscany, as evidenced by a painting by Lorenzetti. In the painting “Allegory of good government" in the Palazzo Comunale of Siena. The particular aroma of its meat is due to the disciplinary for which it is bred in the wild. The meat of our traditions, simply unique. It is sold with the numbered label of the Consorzio della Cinta Senese.

N.B. The fabric box, due to stock availability, may not exactly match that in the photo 
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