Gift Card 100 euros

€ 100,00
Tooscans Gift Cards. The emotion of Tuscan cuisine. Food arouses memories of lived experiences and inflames the desire for new sensory journeys. 

Ideal for birthdays or special occasions, the Tooscans Gift Card can be used to purchase all our products, also in Special Offers. The Gift Card is available in different amounts and the credit is scaled up to its full use. You will receive the virtual GIft Card with the identification code by e-mail.
*Stamp duty paid.

How does it work:
once the order has been processed, you will receive an email with the GIFT CARD code and the Link to share as a gift.
To apply for the GIFT CARD credit, simply enter the page via the link, register or open your profile if already registered, and enter the code we sent you in the appropriate field.
You can check the credit available on your GIFT CARD by entering your profile screen in the GIFT CARD section.


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