Ponce al Mandarino Mugnetti 0,7lt - ONLY ITALY/EU

Guiducci Liquori
€ 18,90
€ 17,01
Ponce al Mandarion Mugnetti. The original, a secret formula since 1909 at the base of its inimitable flavor. This mandarin liqueur, for over a hundred years, has warmed the cities of the Tuscan coast on cold winter days. It should be tasted heated neat or with a spray of steam from the espresso machine, garnished with the classic lemon zest (a sail).

Product details
Producer: Guiducci Liquori
Format: 70 cl
Alcohol by volume: 47%
Serving temperature: boiling 


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hydrated alcohol, sugar, tangerine infusion, flavors, coloring E102 - E124

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