Sheep aged cheese Crosta d'Oro

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Sheep aged cheese Crosta d'Oro
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Crosta d’oro is a cave-aged sheep cheese, made according to the most ancient Tuscan traditions. During the refinement, it is treated with grapeseed oil and at the end of its maturation, which lasts at least 150 days but can even reach 10 months. It has the dished shape, typical of Tuscan pecorino, the characteristic light golden-brown color, with some darker spots in the cavities. Animal scents of sheep, delicate and vegetable notes of hay and dried fruit. Balanced taste, slightly spicy, salty but sweet, in the mouth it is very crumbly and has excellent persistence.

Andrea Magi is one of the most capable and well-known cheese refiners in the Italian gastronomic scene. He creates masterpieces with unique flavors. Andrea loves to experiment by realizing surprising and captivating combinations in collaboration with other excellent producers and will never cease to surprise us.


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pasteurized sheep milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments. Crust treated with grape seed oil. Inedible rind.

Energy value per 100gr384KCAL/1594KJ
Saturated fats22,9G

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