Sheep cheese "Scoiattolino" matured on hazelnuts

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Sheep cheese "Scoiattolino" matured on hazelnuts
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Sheep’s cheese aged in the “chaff” of Piedmontese hazelnuts.
What is the chaff? First of all, a specific one on hazelnuts, as it is the “Tonda gentile delle Langhe” also known as Piedmont Hazelnuts PGI. The “chaff” is the waste from the sieve after roasting and grinding the hazelnuts to obtain the hazelnut paste, this waste is larger pieces of hazelnuts and the perisperma or the thin brown film that covers the hazelnut, as well as the essential oil of hazelnut.
This ingredient, which for us is certainly not a waste, used to refine the crust of our little pecorino, therefore called “Scoiattolino”, as we know that squirrels are greedy for walnuts and hazelnuts.
The result is a cheese with a balanced taste given the harmonization obtained of the ingredient added with the cheese. The rind is edible and appreciable.


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milk of pasteurized sheep, live lactic ferments, rennet and salt, treated in a crust with waste from the processing of hazelnut paste.

Energy value per 100gr326KCAL/1356KJ
Saturated fats16,61

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