Wildflower Honey 500gr

Tenuta Col d'Orcia
€ 10,50
From the organic oasis immersed in the territory of Montalcino, a collaboration between Col d'Orcia and the Franchi apiculture, a local and family-run business, was born. The combination of the Franchi’s experience and the vast uncontaminated territory of Col d'Orcia provides the optimal conditions for the production of high-quality organic honey.

The honey is produced by selected bees present in Col d'Orcia that graze on the different varieties of flowers and grassing of the vineyards. Among the varieties of melliferous flowers planted in recent years, there are arable crops such as white mustard, Alexandrian clover, phacelia, alfalfa, and on. Then the richness of native wildflowers such as a strawberry tree, rosemary, and ivy, present in the more than 50 hectares of wood on the estate.
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