Schiacciata alla Fiorentina Recipe

Schiacciata alla Fiorentina, Florentine flat cake, is a typical dessert of the Carnival period and realized with simple ingredients. The ancient version included the use of brewer's yeast, a double leavening, and the addition of lard.

To flavor the Schiacciata and give it the classic color, we use orange zest and juice. Nowadays in pastry shops, you can find it in two versions: the traditional one and filled with a layer of Custard or Chantilly cream, and decorated with the symbol of the city: the Florentine lily.

Preparation time: 1 hour     Rest time: 3 hours in total
Difficulty level: medium

Ingredients for 10 people:
250 gr of flour
250 grams of Manitoba flour
250 gr of fresh milk
150 grams of sugar
150 grams of lard
15 gr of fresh brewer's yeast
2 eggs
Zest of 2 fresh oranges
A pinch of salt
Icing sugar to decorate
Bitter cocoa to decorate
Mix the two flours well. Dissolve the brewer's yeast in the warm milk in a small bowl.

Add 150 grams of flour and mix with the milk to create a batter. Cover with the food film and let rise for one hour. After this time, add about half of the remaining flour and knead until the mixture is homogeneous.

In a bowl, mix the eggs, sugar, and grated zest of two oranges. Add half of the eggs to the dough and mix. Add the remaining flour and then the remaining egg, salt, and mix everything.

Add the softened lard a little at a time. It takes at least 20 minutes to knead the dough well. Then cover it with plastic wrap and let it rise for about an hour.

Grease a pan (about 20x 30 cm) and roll out the dough. Let it rise for an hour. Heat the oven to 180° C and cook for 30 minutes, check that the surface does not darken excessively, in this case, cover with aluminum foil. Remove from the oven and let it cool.

Once cooled, sprinkle with icing sugar. Make the paper template of the Florentine lily, bring it as close as possible to the center of the flatbread without touching it, and sprinkle with bitter cocoa.


80 gr of sugar
4 egg yolks
2 tablespoons of flour
500 ml of milk
1 lemon

In a saucepan with high sides, carefully mix the eggs with the sugar. When the latter has melted, mix the flour a little at a time, then, always stirring, add the warm milk and flavor with the grated lemon peel.

Put the saucepan on the fire and bring to a boil without ever stopping stirring. Turn off after three minutes of boiling and let cool.

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