Fermented honey Prima Notte 500ml

Torre a Cenaia
€ 20,90
The fermented honey, or mead, is the oldest alcoholic drink ever produced.
Produced with the delicious honey by La Corte delle Regine, with the help of the expert hands of our winemaker.
Prima Notte (First Night) owes its name to the custom, which provided that it was given to newlyweds as a good omen, for its invigorating and energizing properties. 

Origin: Tuscany, with honey from La Corte delle Regine farm
Tasting notes: 
Golden color with bright amber reflections.
Intense bouquet of wildflower honey, hints of propolis, pollen, and pine resin.
Palate: sweet in balance with acidity, soft, velvety, pleasantly bitter. Velvety on the palate it restores the essence of honey in the mouth.
Food pairing: Strudel, apple pies, Napoleon pie. Ideal after-meal.
Alcohol: 13,5% vol
Service temperature: 10-12 °C
Bottle size: 500 ml


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