Hare ragout 180gr

Caccia e Corte
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Caccia e Corte, Hare Ragout. This little animal (Lepuse europaeus) has always roamed in the Tuscan countryside, and has been a welcome food for those who managed to capture it. In the fresco of the "Cavalcade of the Magi" which Benozzo Gozzoli painted in the Medici-Riccardi palace in Florence, one sees, at the exit of a wood, a falcon with a hare in its claws, an amazon, and in front of her a knight . Gozzoli said that when the knight tried to capture the hare, he pushed it out of the woods, where the falcon of the beautiful Amazon had seized her. The result was a quiet discussion about who the prey was, a discussion that was resolved when the lady invited the knight to go to her castle where they would taste the coveted animal together.Excellent with all types of pasta. Try it with saffron linguine pasta!
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tomato pulp, 35% hare meat, extravirgin olive oil, red onions, carrots, red wine, celery, parsley, salt, spices (coriander fruits - cinnamon - cloves - nutmeg - ginger), sultana, pine nuts, black pepper

Energy value per 100gr558KJ/134KCAL
Saturated fats2,9G

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