Organic whole-grain rice Ribe Marcello 500gr

Tenuta San Carlo
Organic whole-grain rice Ribe Marcello 500gr
€ 4,90
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Marcello. Organic Whole-grain Ribe rice. Easy to cook, this is the perfect rice for a healthy meal when you are in a hurry. From an easy "rice bowl" improvised with what we have on hand or simply seasoned with a little extra virgin olive oil, this rice always satisfies the palate.

Thanks to his great passion for the Maremma land, Marcello was able to innovate rice cultivation. Carrying on his parents' work, Olga and Ennio, he introduced the most modern agricultural techniques.

Tenuta San Carlo organic rice is grown in Tuscany, in the Maremma area, on a family-run farm for four generations. 
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whole-grain Ribe rice from organic agriculture

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