Pecorino Dante sheep matured cheese

Corzano e Paterno
Pecorino Dante sheep matured cheese
€ 46,00
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Its dough resembles a good Parmesan, but inspired by a great English cheesemaker. These shapes were wrapped in linen and soaked in lard, just like they do with the real Cheddar. Maturation lasts 8 months. The shapes remain on the wooden boards where they are turned upside down every week until they are ready to eat. It tends to crumble when cut and sometimes you can hear the crystal sales. When cut, it gives off an almost caramelized smell. Each whole shape weighs 6 kg, of course you can buy them by reservation. It will be perfect to revive a big party. This cheese is only available from October to April.


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thermized milk at 58°, salt, rennet.

Energy value per 100gr409KCAL/1710KJ
Saturated fats21G

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