White chocolte apricot and cognac cake 40gr

Torta Pistocchi
White chocolte apricot and cognac cake 40gr
White chocolte apricot and cognac cake 40gr
White chocolte apricot and cognac cake 40gr
€ 7,50
White chocolate, apricot and cognac cake. A truly delicious combination, elegant and delicious taste. Without eggs, butter or flour as per the tradition of the Pistocchi family. It does not contain preservatives. A little piece is enough to have the explosion of flavors of these wonderful ingredients combined together. Quality of raw materials, authenticity, the concentration of pleasure in one bite. This is what distinguishes the famous Pistocchi cakes that have been created in their Florentine laboratory for 30 years.
They are vacuum packed to keep their fragrance and goodness for months.
They must be kept at a controlled temperature (+ 2 / + 4 ° C) and leave them at room temperature a little before consuming them to better appreciate the enveloping flavors of these wonderful cakes.


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white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin emulsifier, natural vanilla), dried apricots 30% (apricots, sugar), milk cream, liqueur, spices. Contains no preservatives. Produced in environments where hazelnuts are also processed separately.

Energy value per 100gr457KCAL/1912KJ
Saturated fats19,4G
Monounsaturated fats9,1G
Polyunsaturated fats1,1G

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