Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is well-known as the oil of absolute quality, which is characterized by a very strong link with the production areas.
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Onion Tuscan Soup “Carabaccia”

The years have made changes and simplifications to the original Tuscan recipe of this exquisite soup which in the Renaissance included the addition of almonds, sugar, cinnamon, and vinegar.
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Schiacciata all’Uva - Grape Focaccia

Schiacciata all'Uva, or Grape Focaccia, is a typical Florentine dessert of the harvest period and its preparation is linked to the great Tuscan wine tradition. 
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Chicken liver, Panforte cake and dark chocolate risotto

Chicken liver, traditional Tuscan Panforte cake, and dark chocolate risotto recipe. Tradition with innovation. The taste is intense and particular, definitely not for everyone. If you want to combine wine with it, I would advise you to choose a little sweet or anyhow soft one, whether it is white or red.
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Chili Pepper Jam Recipe

Chilli and bell pepper jam goes well to fresh cheeses such as ricotta or with semi-seasoned young pecorino (sheep) cheeses, with braised octopus and potato cream, or with dark chocolate like in Sacher cake.
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