How is the truffle dog trained? Black truffle: raw or cooked?

Truffle hunting is a truly exciting experience. Surely the one with summer truffle is more fun for two reasons: it is found in abundance compared to white and above all, it is born less in-depth, about 30-40 cm, while white one reaches up to 80-100.
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Perfect pasta dish? Here are the rules to follow

However trivial the first rule to follow is the quality of the raw materials. Choose a pasta that has enough porosity to absorb your seasoning and in this case wording the bronze drawn “trafilata al bronzo” or gold drawn “trafilata in oro” could help you.
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The secret of Tuscan cuisine: the simplicity


Tuscan cuisine is a poor cuisine that comes from peasant culture: few ingredients, but of great quality, simple cooking, little elaborate dishes...

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